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Lexiscan Stress Test

What is a Nuclear Imaging Stress Test with Lexiscan?

A Nuclear Imaging Stress Test with Lexisacan is used with patients who are unable to exercise and produces the same results as a nuclear stress test without physical exertion. During this test the drug, Lexiscan, is administered to the patient through an IV to make the heart respond as if the person were exercising. Preparation for the Lexiscan stress test is the same as for any other nuclear imaging stress test except that the patient does not need to wear tennis shoes.

How do I prepare for a Nuclear Imaging Stress Test with Lexiscan?

  • Please allow 3-4 hours for this test.
  • No caffeine or nicotine 24 hours prior to the test.
  • Do not eat or drink anything after midnight prior to this test.
  • Bring your medication with you to the procedure.
  • If you are taking blood pressure medicine, you may take this at your regular scheduled time.
  • If you are diabetic please call our office for further instructions.
  • Asthma patients should always bring their inhaler with them for this test.
  • Tell your doctor if you might be pregnant.

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